Eating for Wellness: 7 Bonus for Plant based Protein Meals

Eating for Wellness

Be honest…how many diet plans have you tried during your weightloss journey and what has been the success rate?
One day maintaining a healthy diet will not be just about weightloss, counting calories or getting a six pack, instead it will be focused achieving a sound mind, nourishing our body and eliminating excesses.
There are so many schools of thought on the best ways to do this but one that has been consistently proven is increasing consumption of plant based proteins. These proteins make it easy for you to get more of what your body needs.
If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your health, read on to find out the many benefits of plant based proteins.

You most likely have a loved a smoothie bowl on instagram, because of the beautiful arrangement and the vibrant colours. That bowl also was packed with plant protein and phytonutrients. Phytonutreints are found in fruits and vegetables, spices and edible flowers. They provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to function at their higherst level. Adding in plant based protein to your health and nutrition routine is a great way to introduce a lot of phytonutrients quickly. Phytonutrients are those elements within a plant that give them their vibrant colours and smells. When we get these nutrients from plant sources our bodies can absorb them much easier than from a synthetic source. This means you’ll see the benefits much quicker!
It’s difficult, if not impossible, to get all of the different nutrients we need to be fully balanced. But adding in plant based protein will increase a lot of good material in your body and get you closer to your health goals.

Protein is an important building block for building muscles in the body and amino acids are the molecules that make up proteins in our bodies. So having sufficient protein in our diet will prevent inflammation, promote and maintain healthy muscle mass. Plant based proteins are full of more amino acids. Adding those extra amino acids to your body helps to develop healthy muscles. When you’re trying to build muscle through exercise, you’re actually breaking down the muscles and then rebuilding them bigger and better. When the muscles break down some of the amino acids are lost. But when you preface them with a plant based protein they often rebuild much faster. There are even some cases where this type of protein helps aid in after-workout soreness and fatigue as well.

The goal of many people’s healthy eating habits is weight loss, which can be a frustrating task. But plant based protein can help you get towards your goals better than other protein options.
In order to lose weight, you need to consistently eat fewer calories than you burn in a day. This deficit is where the extra pounds are burned. Of course this might be an oversimplification, because it does not consider the high claories in certain food types and how the body uses the nutrients in others. Nutritionist will tell you that what you eat and when you eat it can provide more sustainable weight loss over time.
It can be really difficult to get the right calorie intake because you do need to fuel your body with good foods. This type of protein is more often lower in calories than other options. That means it won’t have a major effect on your overall calorie intake and will promote weight loss.

What are we eating today?

Nigeria has a rich food culture, with a variety of taste, colours and textures so it should not be a discussion what to eat.
We sometimes deglect the benefits of eating the food to be overshadowed by the culture. Lets embrace a balanced diet as a crucial element to a healthy body. Millet is a whole food that should be part of our breakfast, power bites and snacks.
Dabino is more than a fruit, it can be a beverage, sweetener, you dont have to think about to cooking it or learn how to prepare them. Simple add them to your regular meals and you automatically have a more balance diet.
Our food presents a wide variety, we just need to look inward and listen to Ronke. GOD bless Nigeria and it’s rich culture of food, plants and farmland.

Health is wealth and the absence of good health is sickness and malady. Nobody wants to be sick worse still you dont want ill health so it is important that in the period of good health you strenght your bodies immune system.
What you eat and fuel your body with can have a major effect on your immune system and how well it can protect you and fight off infections. Giving your body the right tools can lessen the instances of sickness in your life.
Plant based proteins do a great job of boosting immunity. In addition to all the added nutrients, plants are full of fiber. Fiber helps to cleanse the body and can aid in quickly getting rid of viruses and infections.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this is only true if your breakfast is of the right balance. One of the most helpful things about eating a high-protein diet is that you will stay satisfied much longer. A meal that is satisfying, filling and nourishing will not only stop craving it will also eliminate hunger pangs and midday slumps.
Protein has a complex structure that makes it so the body has to take its time breaking it down before it is fully digested. This results in you feeling full longer and having fewer hunger-pains.
When you’re hungry less often, you’re less likely to make bad food choices. You won’t all of a sudden be starving and reach for whatever is available.
Instead, you can make reasonable, smart decisions to fuel your body with nutrient-rich options that will keep it operating smoothly.

Wholefood have gone thru less processing, and so the way it is digested and broken down in the body delivers more nourishment keeping the body more active throughout the day. Since it takes a longer time to breakdown and you feel fuller longer, you won’t feel those massive swings in hunger level or blood sugar. When you’re more steady and not swinging from one end to there other your body won’t have to compensate as much.
That lack of compensation means your body isn’t using as much energy and it can, therefore, be used in other places. When you feel better you often make better choices as well.

We only get one body so it’s important to do all we can to take the best care of it. And there are always ways to improve our healthy habits.
Taking advantage of the benefits of plant based proteins has never been easier. No need to calculate which vitamins, amino acids, and other minerals you need more of.
Just turn your grains to powder and have your fill day and night.
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