Choosing Your Beauty Career: Mobile Services vs. Spa Opportunities

Choosing Your Beauty Career

Choosing Your Beauty Career

As someone who has experience as a mobile massage therapist and spa owner, I’d like to share the pros and cons a mobile beauty business offers versus a spa.

No Rent

The first freedom you have as a mobile beauty therapist is that you won’t be paying RENT. Securing a spa space, creating the right ambiance, and getting clients to come into your spa is a huge and expensive endeavor.  This can very easily overwhelm you and more importantly, shift your focus from offering your core service. You did not start a business to just pay bills. As a mobile beauty therapist, you get to work with your skills and deliver massages to clients in their homes, hotels, or offices. Get paid to do just that.

Fewer pieces of equipment to maintain

Your main working tool is your Massage Table, you won’t need much equipment to start and you won’t have to worry about other overheads like, electricity, water, and machinery. Operating from a mobile setup means you don’t have to invest in a physical location, reducing overhead expenses like rent and utilities.

Promote your business

Being mobile allows you to offer a more personalized and intimate experience for your clients in their preferred environment. As a mobile therapist, you will meet your clients in their own space, you can easily promote yourself and your business. The elderly and women will love the convenience that you provide as a mobile therapist. 

Flexible working hours

You can keep this as a side hustle, weekend hustle, or main hustle for peak periods. The time that you commit to it is in your control. You can keep clients on monthly, quarterly, or annual retainers. You have all the freedom you need.

No-shows are not a problem

You won’t be waiting for clients to arrive and no-shows are not a problem for you. As a mobile beauty therapist clients are paying for your time ahead of booking and it is your job to arrive at their homes in time for the service. You are the show stopper so be professional and always arrive on time.

More Money Less Problems

This is probably one of those scenarios when more money is less problem. You can earn more money in one hour than a regular 9-5 job will offer you. You have more options to add value and charge a very competitive price than you would with a spa. With reduced overhead, you can often offer competitive pricing, attracting budget-conscious clients.

This is advice you should take on board as you start to meet clients and build your portfolio

  1. Be safe and stay alert. Verify your client’s name, phone number, and address, and use technology to stay safe.
  2. Determine how far you are willing to travel to deliver a service. Your time is your money
  3. If you are maintaining a car or driver or both. factor this into your pricing. 
  4. Have a minimum call-out rate for any service
  5. Plan your booking calendar and try to book multiple clients in specific areas and days. 
  6. Encourage your client to share their booking with friends and family

Finally, keep good records, and remember your client’s special occasions, preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Bank your coins

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