Top wellness podcasts to lead you to a happier and healthier life.

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Do binge listen to podcasts? How would you like to discover even more interesting podcasts? 

Podcast listeners devote 28% of their audio consumption time to podcasts, on average, with 24% allocated to AM/FM radio, 15% to streamed audio, and 13% to their own music. Thirty six percent of the world’s population has listened to podcasts in the last month. In 2020 more people will listen to a podcast in their homes and away from mobile devices with the penetration of smart home speakers like Alexa. 

Why do we love podcasts?

Imagine listening to a smooth, relaxing voice like Morgan Freeman’s. You’d be hanging on every word, and ready for the next episode immediately after. Is that good enough for you, it also helps that you can expand your knowledge base in any subject matter with your eyes closed. You can listen to podcasts on your smart phone with both android and ios and if you have an  Alexa you don’t even need to download any additional app. 

So if you are tickled just a little, you will bookmark and subscribe to each of the podcasts on this list.

Top of the List is Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations no surprise here as ‘cos what can i say Oprah is an OG of the wellness movement. “I believe one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself is time, taking time to be more fully present, your journey to becoming more inspired and connected the world around you”  is Oprah intro on this podcast. I love it.

The series has been running since 2017 to date and has a hundred episodes. Some of my favourite episodes from 2018; Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence 101, Pico Iyer: The Art of Stillness and John Gary: The True purpose of Joy. 

Happier with Gretchen Rubin; Gretchen is the New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better than Before, she runs this podcast with her sister so she is very personal and relatable as she dishes out practical and manageable advice about happiness and good habits. This podcast has over 250 episodes and has also been running since 2017. ‘A podcasts that gives you strategies and tips for how to build happier habits into your daily life, we discuss cutting edge science the wisdom of ages, lessons from pop culture and our own experiences” is her intro and she delivers on tha promise 100%. Some of my best episodes are; Ep 225: Cultivate your casual friendships, Ep 204; Put a Band-Aid on it. 

Magic Lessons; Elizabeth Gilbert is ready to help if you are a creative looking to overcome their fears and create more joyfully. This podcast has only two seasons from 2016, but the episodes are longer than what is typical from a podcast. Liz as she calls herself introduces the podcast with these words “What are magic lessons? Road maps for the path to creativity, the extra nudge we need when we are feeling stuck in our creative lifes”. She then engages a listener who is struggling with their creativity, offers her wisdom, and then calls on fellow writers, artists, and musicians for further insight into the creative process. Each episode is different and it was just impossible to pick a fave.

The Mindful Kind hosted by Racheal Kable if you need to bring more joy and clarity into your daily life, this is the only podcast you will need to subscribe to. It has over 240 episodes and has been recording since 2015 to date. “….bring meaningful tips tools and strategies so you can manage stress and live more mindfully in the modern world”  is how she introduces the weekly episodes of her podcasts. Some of the best tips she shares are in Ep 202; Appreciating Little Things in Life. Ep 185; Focusing on Mudita Ep 143: How to create a mindful home. Each podcast is an average or ten minutes, get in there. 

Deliciously Ella with Kim and Matthew Mills the founder and CEO duo, brings open and honest conversation to demystify all things health and wellness. Recording since 2018 to day the cover every topic from gut health to mental health, physical health and anxiety, how to make sustainable changes and skincare. Listen to Episode 10 from Season 4: Morning Routines; Season 2 Episode 11; How the brain controls our happiness Episode 12 from Season 3 Plant Power; Eat Yourself Healthy. 

Get the download, and hit the subscribe button, the voice in your head right now is right.

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