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It is often in the remembrance of death that we can live a truly remarkable life,  When you start living your life with the end in sight, not in a way that holds you back but rather accepts it, that is the only way you can live completely and joyfully. This is what slow living truly is.

“At its heart, slow living is a curious mix of being prepared and being prepared to let go. Caring more and caring less. Saying yes and saying no. Being present and walking away. Doing the important things and forgetting those that aren’t. Grounded and free. Heavy and light. Organized and flexible. Complex and simple. It’s about letting go of the excess stuff in our homes, learning how to live mindfully, getting in touch with our personal values and choosing to put them at the centre of all that we do.”

— Brooke McAlary

How does one begin the transformational journey to living intentionally ? Here are some key elements that can begin your cultural shift to easing your life pace and living sustainably.

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