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“Take a step out of other people’s shadows and own your spotlight” – Maryam Giwa

What does good health mean to you? Good health is easily misunderstood as eating healthy and regularly exercising. If that is all you do, you’re physically fit. Good health means that you create a balance between your body and mind. It means that you take self-care very seriously. It means that you take time out to celebrate your own wins. It means that you do not let the pressure of work gobble you up but instead, you take little breaks, you slow down, you take a moment to re-strategize.

It means that you’re living your best life as best as you can. In this interview with the Maryam Giwa, TMG as she’s popularly called, she tells us how she lives her best life, balancing storytelling, film making and the many things her proactive self loves to do with self-care, even when ‘she never finds the time.’

SPAH: Tell us a bit about yourself; let’s get to know you better.

TMG: In very short summary, I am a storyteller and that has reflected in everything I do from brand communications to travel and media. I have a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development from the most prestigious University of Ibadan.

I also have certifications from Orange Academy on Integrated Brand experience and Copy and Content development.

I am self-trained at creating AR effects, Phonography, Designs and Film.

I’m a film maker and have written and produced two short films.

I currently run a media company, Travel Company with my best friend names KPMONLINE and KP events and tours.

I also freelance.

SPAH: When did you start to build your craft?

TMG: I can’t categorically say when. I have been writing since I was a child but consciously, about four to five years now.

SPAH: How long has it taken you to come this far?

TMG: it’s been a very crazy journey but I think I got it right in the last 2 years and I’m grateful for my experiences.

SPAH: What was your first major challenge in your career/journey and how did you overcome it?

TMG: The first was taking up a lead role with little or no experience and I was slacking so much, learning a lot as well as improving. I left the job with nothing and no option but a will to start over. Took a 7 months gap to learn and improve and now, I’m back.

The second will be saving a lot of money to buy a laptop of my dreams which I sort of lost after 6 weeks but we move!

SPAH: What has been your most rewarding moment/experience?

TMG: There are so many but the best will be start KPM Online and KP events and tours with Olamilekan Bamidele. Another will be nurturing Aisha Cosmetics from inception till date. It’s such a fulfilling journey!

SPAH: What do you love most about what you do?

TMG: Unlimited expression of creativity, I amaze myself.

SPAH: As a creative entrepreneur, tell us more about your creative process. Which part of your creative process do you find most challenging?

TMG: When the expression is yet to do justice to the communication, it’s crazy but I never stop! I can’t stop creating so I keep trying till I’m exhausted so I learnt to let others look and tell me how they feel too

SPAH: How did you establish your creative process and why?

TMG: I ask all my what, why, where, who, how, when, whom and then I’m influenced by the environment and life experiences, I believe culture is the best way to speak to my audience so I tap into the behavior and language of my audience. Relatability is key for me

SPAH: How do you define success with your creative process?

TMG: Success for me is acceptance, adoption and result. Most importantly Clients happiness!!!

SPAH: Tell us an AHA moment that you have had recently?

TMG: I was trying to do a strategy for an artiste and I thought so hard. It came to me in a dream or maybe it was in my head and my partners loved it.

SPAH: How do you balance your wants and needs with your creativity?

TMG: I know what I want most times but it’s what the campaign or communication needs that wins. I’m not always the target audience so I mostly separate myself and my desires from the job.

SPAH: Which self-care routine do you practice regularly? Yoga, Meditation, Spa Pamper Day, Journaling, Cooking, Playing Dressing up. Anything goes.

TMG: None to be honest, I never find time. Even during vacations, I’m thinking about work. I try mediation sometimes using an app on my phone and watch tells me to breathe couple of times daily and I obey. I have been procrastinating Spa treatment but I’ll look into it.

SPAH: What do you do to relax?

TMG: I read, watch movies, good music and hangout.

SPAH: We all evolve and grow what has been your biggest growth sprout?

TMG: Owning who I am as a person and being intentional about how I am!

The Lifestyle

SPAH: How do you start your day?

TMG: Praying and then TV or Music. Sometime a call to my sister, mum or best friends

SPAH: What are you stress triggers and how do you manage them?

TMG: Deadlines triggers me, I try to work ahead and sometime I just sing “I CAN’T KILL MYSELF”.

SPAH: How would you define living your best life?

TMG: Living for you and living your ultimate truth. Take a step out of other peoples shadow and own your spotlight.

SPAH: When are you most productive?

TMG: I used to think I’m nocturnal but now I know I’m not time bound. The right energy does it for me.

SPAH: If your life is a soup bowl of: what are the ingredients that make it unique?

TMG: I’m quite proactive, thoughtful, team player, people oriented and my thought line is distinct and disruptive.

The End

SPAH: How would you want to be remembered?

TMG: TMG, the lady who did all she can in the time she had. I want to be remembered as a storyteller whose tale led to a lot of positive behavior changes.

SPAH: What are you doing today that is preparing you for tomorrow?

TMG: I try to carry the lessons from my mistakes, make better choices as well be a better person. My attitude towards life generally is positive!

SPAH: Share a Life Lesson

TMG: Be true to yourself; leave the rest of the world to lie to you. Live life intentionally, control your narrative and perception. Life is 90% what we make it to be, our reactions even in the most unpleasant situations always come back to us.

Keep positive energy around you always. No one has it 100% and nothing is permanent. DO YOUR BEST, HUSTLE THE REST!

It is common knowledge that success is not achieved overnight. Successful people have put in the work every night and every day to attain their levels of success. However, putting in the work includes self-care. Determine what self-care means to you. Whatever it is, small consistent efforts make all the difference.

Maryam Giwa reads, watches movies, listens to good music and hangs out to relax, what do you do?

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