How to stop Self Sabotaging your sleep

You are not sleeping

A lack of adequate sleep or a sleep disorder will compromise most of your body functions, including the brain and the central nervous system.
Try to remember the last time you pulled an all-nighter, at the club or behind your computer. The hangover that lasted until noon, the foggy brain you had to deal with the rest of the day.

What did that feel like did you have gaps in your memory, feel paranoid and irritable. It is safe to say that any advantage you get from not sleeping very quickly becomes a setback.
It is time to form new habits and follow the principles of good sleep

Self -Sabotage

Self | self |

a person’s essential being that distinguishes them from others.


to deliberately destroy damage or obstruct something for an advantage.

Human beings need five things, land to stand on, food to eat, air to breathe, a place to sleep, and water to drink. When you have it all, you can live the good life, but who has it all? Or who are those superhumans that are skipping on some?

When it comes to these five basics the one that gets dropped fast is a place to sleep? Lack of sleep and Insomnia has become a real threat and in most cases a form of self-sabotage. When did you start losing sleep, why are you losing sleep and how can you start to sleep better again?

Mariam Toye in her article, gives a comprehensive guide for the Millenial on how to live a good life with better sleep. 

Download & Print the Principles of Good Sleep here and let it be your guide. There is also one for the kids.

More tips from Mariam includes

•Be patient with your body as it recovers form long periods of lost sleep

•Gently reduce your activities as bedtime approaches

•Relieve your mind of worry, set out your goals for the next day. Practice forgiveness and drop grudges nightly 

•Ensure a calming atmosphere in your sleeping area: avoid device and TV screens for an hour before sleep, change brightly-coloured bedding to calmer tones

•Turn off the lights

•Book a visit with your healthcare provider if your sleep problem does not respond to any of this.

Book Recommendation

Replace night time Netflixing with books. One thing that helps is reading a boring or serious book just before bed while using a bedside lamp. You are more likely to fall asleep faster.


Keep a consistent alarm with a tone that will make you wake up. It is commonly advised to keep your phones outside your bedroom. However, this may not always be possible eg for security purposes like or to call emergency services.

Keep smartphones on a surface away from and not on the bed. 

There are several apps to download that play calming sounds and improve your sleep health.

Download & Print the Principles of Good Sleep here and let it be your guide. There is also one for the kids.


Maraim Toye is a bibliophile, physician and content creator who helps people live their best life with health, tech and books.

She is the founder and editor at Oumissa Inspire Health and Literacy.You can read more of her articles here.

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