How to make Self care Sunday a routine


For a second, think: What do you spend your Sundays doing?

Well, have you ever thought what a more productive Sunday would look like? Maybe it’s time for you to switch things up a little and get more out of your Sundays to help give your week a kickstart. I am suggesting you add a little self care into your lazy Sunday and create a whole new tradition.

Let’s call that Self care Sunday.

Do something nice for yourself.

Fill your cup, literally,. Try a 10-minutes meditation to check in with your feelings. Or maybe shop for a new pyjama. The point is every Sunday, you should be doing something kind for yourself whatever it may be.

Connect with Mother Nature

If you are like me, working from home and glued to a laptop screen, then you might think you are not made for the outdoors. But a little fresh air can really help you break new borders with your mind and body. Try a 10 minutes walk in your comfy shoes.

Bring the Spa Home

This has got to be the best way possible to spend your Sunday. Take that much needed “me time” to the next level. Use the day to try out some DIY treatments. Do a long self-massage or create your own face mask with everyday kitchen items. Then just sit back and relax.

Log off and Unplug

Are you team “phone off” or “airplane mode” ? Either way, the point is stay off the grid for a few hours and not feel guilty about it. Everything works better after it has been switched off for a while.

Try a new recipe

Do you know why everyone was baking a banana bread during lockdown? It’s because cooking from scratch is such a soul filling activity that will surely take you to that happy place. So make this part of your Sunday ritual.

Looking for more idea download our 30 days Self care checklist and maybe even challenge yourself to try keep up the habit for 30 days.

You can also follow our Self care Sunday IG Live series with some amazing people from across the creative industry as they talk more about what self care means to them and share their routines.

Leave a comment, let me know how you practice self care.

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