Are you reconsidering your annual family vacation because of the economic recession? Is it hard to justify the airline tickets and shopping splurges?

Imagine getting the same vacation experience  with only 10% of what you would typically spend. Are you interested? It is called a hotel staycation and there is a method to getting the best out of this situation.

The meaning of a hotel staycation

On a hotel-stay-vacation local residents check into a hotel and spend their vacation time there. This allows you to stretch your money without giving up a family tradition, so keep the tradition this summer and use this list as a guide to getting the most of that holiday stay for the entire family.

Any hotel packing all or most of these will give you the ultimate hotel staycation experience .

Hotel with in-House Gym Or Fitness Classes

You don’t have to be fit-fam by any means, to enjoy the benefits of breaking a sweat as a way of relaxing and getting some dopamine release morning or night. When a hotel has a gym and even better, amenities like fitness classes, steam room and sauna room this is an immediate attraction and adds to the excitement of a vacation for the family and that should put it top of your list. 

Hotel with Spa Services

We know that onsite hotel spa services have higher prices – about 25% more that spas in town. It’s just if you don’t want to leave the hotel grounds, having a hotel spa experience is pretty great. Some hotels have partnerships with mobile spa service providers that can bring the spa experience with rates cheaper than most hotel spas. So if your choice hotel does not have a spa they might have a partnership you should ask about. I often book the couples massage and enjoy a one-hour session of Swedish or deep tissue massage. For me, an essential vacation includes a massage because I hate feeling exhausted from a vacation — such an oxymoron!

Hotel with Pool & Jacuzzi

If a hotel is tight on space and can only afford to choose one or the other, I’m all for the jacuzzi any day. Not only are you less likely to find kids in a jacuzzi (as opposed to them splashing around in a pool and totally ruining your zen), the Jacuzzi is a premium brand and top manufactures of hot tubs, with features like the hydromassage say bye bye to stress during your staycation.

Hotel with Comfortable Bedding

Recently I asked on our instagram page what guests think is most important on a hotel stay, not surprisingly top of that list was bed, beddings and pillows. I stayed at a hotel that had the worst pillows I’ve ever slept on. While I have no trouble sleeping on a mattress without pillows, it can truly ruin an R&R getaway for a guest — especially when you’re paying big bucks for it. My neck and back hurt after the first night and it took a day or two to truly feel comfortable. I was lucky that I had a week to adjust, but for people more sensitive than me, you should check that your hotel offers bedding to your liking. So view the room at the point of check-in and make sure the beddings meet your taste.

Hotel that supply Bathrobe & Slippers

This one is a little extra but I love fluffy bathrobes in my hotel room. Sometimes they’re not so fluffy, but that’s okay — better than nothing. Bonus points to hotels that also offer complimentary slippers. Bathrobes are the perfect vacation attire to keep you relaxed and stress-free. Of course you can bring yours along, since language weight will not be a problem on  this vacation.

Hotel with Blackout Curtains

In a hotel your day should start at a time that you choose, so no daylight, blackout curtains should be part of the package to help you sleep in without interruption. 

Just remember to put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your doorknob unless you’d like to be startled by boisterous knocks from housekeeping.

Hotel with Late Check Out 

Yes! Let me sleep in and take my time packing. I avoid hotels that require check-out before 10:00am and give preference to ones that allow check-out after 11:30am. Bonus points for hotels that let you call for later check-out without an extra charge. 

I have not mentioned any particular hotels here, so that you can be sure that this is a personal and honest opinion without bias, that i am not getting paid for. 

My all means use this guide to choose your hotel or use it to give feedback to your hotelier to improve your experience or next stay. Your rest and relaxation time is precious and a very wise investment so you should treat it kindly.

If you have other suggestions or hotel recommendations that i should try out based on my list leave a comment below and share this post with you friend.

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