Get flawless glass Skin in just 60 days; Korean skincare routine that delivers result.

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I recently did a facial mapping consultation with a client, her results and the interview that followed was very revealing.

Me: Chioma you have a lot of fine lines on your forehead, what is your daily water intake

C: Oh I don’t like drinking water; does the water from my coffee count?

Me: Your skin is testing + (plus) five years, what have you been doing?

Chioma; oh, I have been partying a lot this month. My friends got married, we had a huge bachelorette party then the wedding party, then we had another friends 30th birthday party. You can tell from my skin

Me; Yes, alcohol leaves many telling signs on your skin, I can also tell that you are exposing your skin to damaging environmental factors and improper care.

The secret to flawless glass skin is a holistic approach that is built on a disciplined and meticulous process. Korean skincare routines are notorious for high percentages of active ingredients in their products and using innovative technology for how the indigents are delivery onto the skin. This is bringing sustainability and affordability into the industry and market like never before. We love the Korean skincare trends as it has also safety taken us away from the days of quick results with little commitment to total commitment, devotion that is yielding amazing results. You skin is guaranteed to respond to the care and attention this routine will provide, and the result is, flawless glass skin in sixty days.

Lets start your journey.

Treat the first 20 days as the immersion period; you will be trying new products and new routines for day and night. Allow your esthetician to guide you with which products to use based on your skin type.

Know the routine: with Korean skin care it is thorough and can include up to 10 steps for day/night or both. Cleanse with Oil + Wash with Cleanser + Tone + Essence + Ampoule + Serum + Eye Cream + Moisturize + SPF for day time and Cleanse with oil + Wash with Cleanser + Tone + Serum + Sheet Mask + Essence at night. The next 20 days is the time to match your diet and other lifestyle habits with your skincare routine. What to do

Drink lots of water and hydrating food into your diet. Top of the list is, Aloe vera juice, cucumber, and green tea. Avoid caffeinated and carbonated drinks. K-skincare also requires that you eat lots of vegetables and fermented food (kimchi). Include super foods like Baobab (Kuka), flax seed and pomegranate into your diet. Get some daily exercise to, try walking, face yoga routine and definitely boost your beauty sleep.

The last 20 days we want you to check in with your estheticians, to review your results, hydration should have been greatly improved, you can now tweak the serum and ampoules you are using for more targeted ones. Now is the time to test acids and other active ingredients.

Sixty days might seem a long time, but it is the shortest possible time, to instill a habit that will remain for a lifetime and records results that are irreversible. If you have try other quick fix routines that have not delivered the results that you want, try this and reveal your new baby skin just in time for the holidays.

We are waiting to see those no-filter photos you will be so proud of, don’t forget to tag us in the reveal pictures.

The article has previously been published in the Lost in Lagos Magazine

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