I did not achieve healthy glowing skin with a 7 step routine (much as i love korean skincare and their attention to detail) my reality is that most mornings and night i have just enough time for one or two steps.

Good skin takes time and a certain level of commitment/discipline, it also requires that you know your skin and use the right products to get the results that you desire.

While a lot of the information you find online will save you time and money, you will still need to get personal advice from a specialist about your skin and what it needs. 

Here are a few words on marble that help me maintain many good skin days.

 Stop Looking for a Quick Fix…after matching my skincare goals to a good product line,  allow for a minimum of 8 weeks use before i start to look for changes. I also check lifestyle habits that may be impinging on the success of my skin glow and nip them. I.e sleepless nights, stress level e.t.c

 Slow and Steady wins the race….fast is good but steady makes for better results. Chemical exfoliation is an excellent way to get the skin cells to act fast, but that will only get them started. I strongly recommend fruit enzyme peels that will promote a more natural exfoliation process. 

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate….if you want many good skin days then don’t ever allow products to strip your skin thirsty. Thirsty and dehydrated skin is a recipe for wrinkles and patchy skin. A good hydrating cleanser and moisturizer, plus at least 1.5 liters of water will keep you hydrated inside and outside.

Reduce….you already know i don’t have a 7 step routine, what you should also know is that, sometime i don’t wash my face with anything other than water. If you have tried different face washes and you still get breakouts then just don’t. Use water, toners and oils to get the dirt off your face, you skin does not want the scum from soap and that is alright too.

Try something new… you don’t have to stick to the products you have been using since 1990, there has been a lot of advancement in skin care formulation and discovery of new ingredients. For example the Cell Renewal cream we just launched has Rose Quartz Extract which before now you could only get on your skin from the crystal or by using the Jade stone and just like that it is formulated into your cream- Love it.

And Finally most importantly use Sunscreen 365 days a year.

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Hai - puh - pig-muhn-tai- shun

Do you want even skin tone and texture, and hyperpigmentation due to acne scaring, hormonal changes and sunburn is cramping your style. Are you frustrated about the many products that you have tried? the uneven pigmentation of the skin where the affected area usually appears darker than the other parts of the skin and could get worse from sun exposure. This includes skin discoloration caused by acne and freckles exposed to the sun often, eczema and more. These skin conditions cause the production of excess melanocytes (the cells that produce melanin) leading to hyperpigmentation. Treating hyperpigmentation can get frustrating in the long term because many people don’t even understand it. Well this guide has all the information you need. Save and Share

Shift your mindset

It is hard to break old habits and even harder to make new ones. If you want to change your life the you have to shift your mindset. The path will lead you to be happier, more focused and calmer. You don’t need big changes all it takes are micro shifts practised daily. Are you ready to start? Find inspiration and learn from experts.

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Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness –  Stress plays a major role in perpetuating mental and emotional imbalance which negatively affects our work, productivity and happiness. Spa Pampering creates wellness programs and self-care experiences to take you on a journey to happiness. Through our Workplace Wellness Plans, we inspire, challenge and motivate your employees.  Over the years we have worked with brands like Soft com, MTN, She Leads Africa even hospitals.

SPAH Book club

When you read alone, you understand only from your perspective. But when you join our book club, you learn more by listening to and discussing others’ perspectives, leading to amazing discoveries you may never know of. Book club is also a great way to network. Get out of your comfort zone and Encourage cultural awareness.