Daily Self Care habits to improve your Wellbeing

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Are you having a good day? Today previously known as Wednesday , did you have plans for Tomorrow previously known as Thursdays? Now that weekends are no longer the most sought phenomenon, everyday can present itself with its own magic and hope, without the labels and baggage from the past. No TGIF ‘Thank GOD IT IS FRIDAY” and no “MONDAY BLUES” hurray.n

Welcome to this new world.

Now you can take a little time at the beginning or end of each day to relax, reflex and let go of all your worries and hang ups lets add a little more magic dust to your days.

If sleep is your armor to dealing with coping with difficult times, I understand, sleep remains our top recommendable refreshing activity for everyday because of it’s unparalleled benefits and results. However I am about to introduce you to some very cool friends. These folks will put more joy in your wakeful hours and make your sleep more meaningful.

Get Ready


Yes! Taking some time, ten minutes or more in the early hours of the day to meditate it is a great way to relax your body and mind.

Bodily stress and fatigue is a function of mental stress, which results from a combination of mental workload, and stress. When you take time to do a deep self-reflection – a devotional exercise that involves taking your mind through a thorough walk; you get to free your head and mind of focus on the present.

It leaves you lighter in the head as well as energize the body. Not just that, you get to be ready and fit to embark on the day’s chores and duties. I know a few people that snooze during meditation.

Yoga for MIND & BODY

This activity is a top recommendation fromus in regards to the relinquishment of the bodily aches and fatigue. It is a practice that puts you in a state of total restoration because it does more than the burning of calories and toning of muscles.

In fact, this is more like a total mind-body workout that combines strengthening including stretching poses with deep breathing and relaxation. Yoga helps you get your body flexible, full of strength and vigor needed to restore you back to your optimal body conditions.

You should end your yoga flow in s Savasana pose a.k.a snooze time

Playing a BOARD GAME.

Board games like Chess, Monopoly, Checkers, Scrabble and more offer a lot than just entertainment. In fact, they greatly impact health in multiple ways at any age.

Laughing is one of the side effects playing a board game and laughing has shown to increase endorphins that are chemicals that bring up the feeling of happiness. Sharing laughter and fun can promote empathy and compassion.

Another side effect of playing board games is memory formation and building of cognitive skills. Playing board games help improve your problem-solving skills. It awakes your sensitivity and speeds your response as it has been studied that people who play games regularly seem to find their targets faster. Board games relax your mind, makes you feel good and reduces the risk of mental diseases.

Don’t snooze on this one; gotta remember you snooze here and you lose. Stay Focused and have some fun.

Making time to walk and get some fresh air

Your body after the long hours of sitting and working in confined spaces during the day needs a physically relieving compensation. Hence, such is what taking a natural walk or jog around the neighborhood could give you.

Aerobic fitness is linked to better quality of life. Jogging or taking a walk is a fairly gentle sport that allows you to get all the benefits of exercise without putting your body under huge amounts of strain.

It is an activity that indirectly improves your psychological health, cardiovascular system, and respiratory system. It equally relaxes your brain, contributes to the strengthening of your bone and improves your energy level.

Adopt an essential oil.

Choose one oil and commit to it, let it be one that you adopt, essential oils including all their amazing properties also work as adaptogens. Maintain good physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing with just a few drops.  Use your chosen essential oil throughout the day, by inhaling or diffusing and experiencing noticeable changes in your mood and how you respond to external and internal triggers.

This can also help you get your sleep faster and can cool off your body of stress. Thus, it’s a way of body refreshment and restoration that needs your exploration.

Which one of them are you adopting? 

 I can’t make you do anything but don’t ignore this.

You deserve it. Is it making sense?

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