Build emotional intelligence with a meditation practice


Do you recognise the emotion you are experiencing, are you raising your voice in anger or to be understood. Do you pace the room in frustration to express disdain or to relieve anxiety. Do you get tongue tied when you feel love, or do you become irritable when you are angry. 

You probably know and admire people who are masters at managing their emotions. They don’t get angry in stressful situations, they are able to calmly find solutions. They have beautiful relationships, and they are excellent decision makers. They are able to communicate effectively, they take criticism well and trust their intuition. 

People like that have learnt and developed their emotional intelligence,  it is a skill and you can learn it too.

A daily mindfulness meditation practice has been known to enhance emotional control. 

Love and kindness meditation teaches empathy which builds social awareness one of the four artributes of emotional intelligence. 

Now that you can learn anything with an app including meditation the only guide that you need is finding the right app.

We have reviewed a few of the meditation apps available on androind and ios, free and paid and scored them based on ease of use and content.

MindWords offers guided meditation, meditation timer and what they call mind talks and mind walk journey essential talks from highly accomplished meditation instructors.  This app has a very easy to use interface and excellent for building a daily practice. This app gets a 4.5 star * * * * *

Insight Timer has a very impressive library of over 80k free meditations. It also has talks led by the world’s top neuroscientist, psychologist and mindfulness experts. All the content on the app have been categorised, which makes it easy to find the meditation you need for any situation. Recovery from addictions, Focus and COncentration, Loving-Kindness and Better Relationships.  The app has tracking that rewards consistency and a very supportive and engaged community.

This app score a 4.8 star * * * * *

Headspace offers daily meditation topics, mindful cardio, sos sessions and animation tutorials on how to meditate. Headspace also offers what it calls “the wake up’s” which are short real -life stories and advice from experts. The stories will get you emotional and help put things in a new perspective. This app score a 4.5 star * * * *

Calm the home screen of this app clearly says ‘take a deep breath” which sets the tone for all the other features of the app. It also now provides music, sounds and reading which has really changed how people are using their meditation apps. The app has a flow that is very soothing and easy to fall in love with. This app scores a 4.9 star

Unplug: was first a drop in studio in LA and has now transformed to a meditation, journaling and sleep app. The award winning instructors are now in your palm and available to you anytime anywhere. It has a library with thousands of meditation audio and videos, you can set goal and track your progress. The library also includes content for kids and teens. this app score a 4.8

Muse the app can be used with a similarly named wearable tech device. It tell you to take the guesswork out of your meditation practice as the head device is capable of translating brain activity through real-time feedback. The post meditation report will show the effects of meditation on your brain, heart and body. The app without the device offer over 300 guided meditation including a collection for sleep, performance and stress.  You can stay motivated with the challenge and rewards system in the app. This app scores a 4.0

Shine has an audio library with over 500 meditation, bedtime stories and ambiance music. You can log your meditation practice, chat in the community, take part in challenges and get daily inspiration quotes. The app is very engaging and easy on *e eye. This app scores a 3.8

Choose an app from this list and start to build your emotional intelligence one practice at a time.

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