Our all-natural sleep solution will put you to sleep in 8-10 minutes and allow deeper relaxation and better sleep.



Eye Pillow

Filled with organic lavender and chamomile buds creates a soothing aroma and gently put just enough pressure on the eye lids to keep shut and keep the lights out.

Try using this during your meditation, for a power nap and when nursing stress headaches.

Price: NGN 5,000


Sleep Roll-On

The roll on is a handy and easy to use aromatherapy solution, a natural blend of the pure essential oil of vetiver, marjoram and lavender. Roll on over your pulses, forehead and on the sole of your feet, easily absorbed thru the skin and by inhalation for deeper relaxation and better sleep.

Try using this during your meditation and when dealing with stressful situations.

Suitable for Adults & Children (over 18 months).

Price: NGN 3,200


Sleep Candle

Fill your room with the calming fragrance of lavender and ylang ylang.

Price: NGN 1,500

The Sleep Set

Beautifully boxed presentation of our eye pillow and roll-on, give someone the gift of rejuvenation.

Price: NGN 8,000