Our Story

When people hear that I have a Bachelors degree in Property Asset Management and a Major in Corporate Real Estate Management, they wonder where all that went to and how I moved from massaging property deals to massaging peoples bodies. Like everyone my age at the time, after my first degree, I saw a career in the boardroom, churning our numbers for valuation and depreciation of real estate assets, but then as much as I liked the corporate world, I loved the beauty and wellness industry. So I traded my fancy suits for crisp white uniforms. Why beauty and relaxation you might ask? As a young child, I had gone with my mum for her spa sessions and enjoyed not only the ambience, which always transported me mentally to what, I call not the “7th heaven of Calm and peace” but loved the way the girls looked. This was about the only “job” around were the people giving the service were truly polite, always smiling and every willing to serve. I loved what I saw and was determined to join this world.

This was about the only “job” around where the people giving the service were truly polite, always smiling and ever willing to serve.

So while I went to my lecture hall during the day to learn about the world Property, Assets and Real Estate, I spent my evenings learning on the arms of my housemate who practiced as a beauty therapist. I allowed her to school me on the basis of giving a massage and soon became her personal massage therapist.

Fast forward to 2008, after my National Youth Service already working in a Real Estate firm, I realized that the more I pushed my way up the corporate ladder, the more stressed I became not finding time to relax and enjoy that one thing I truly loved; A Massage. Even when I did find the time, finding a highly skilled massage therapist to care for my aching muscles was almost like seeking for a needle in a haystack.

My search continued with various high and low experiences and a dwindling budget. By 2009 I had to quit my job to move cities and get married, it was a lot of changes within a very short time, not satisfied being a stay at home wife, I started crave something familiar and then i rediscovered massage and massage therapy and decided to take formal trainings, I bagged myself an Advance Diploma in Beauty Therapy. After my Diploma, I went on to apprentice at a day spa, and this lasted until mid 2011.

Now fully trained, I turned to the first clients who wouldn’t turn their backs on me, my family and friends and there I started to build my portfolio and confidence while I continued learning, taking more courses in massage therapy, massage for stress, reflexology and infant massage. 

The practice continued to grows with guests wanting to adopt not just the therapist but also the experience for good. It was clear that our guests wanted to keep the sense of calm and euphoria they experienced after each pampering session.  So we gravitated from asking guests to come in for sessions and flipped the script by taking the therapists and experience to your comfort zones.

Calm is a super power

Calm is a super power and we definitely felt we had started to empower our guests with a sense of calmness. Today, we have expanded our services to now offer complimentary products and services to include; couples massage workshops, infant massage classes, workplace wellness workshops, pamper parties, aromatherapy roll-ons, eye pillows, facial oils, herbal steam packs, pure essential oils and wellness boxes.

We are a work in progress and our growth is closely marked to responding to our truth and our commitment to helping ourselves to help others. We invite you to join us on this self-discovery to calmness, remember…

Loving yourself is the greatest revolution.
— Kemi Bawa-Allah

About Our Lead Therapist

Kemi Bawa-Allah is a professional massage therapist and has been practicing her craft since 2010. She is dedicated to her profession, serving all wellness advocates, rookies to massage, and those interested in how massage influences beauty.

Also committed to massage therapy for mothers and infant health, Kemi Bawa-Allah is a certified infant massage therapist. Kemi believes that massage is a gift that keeps on giving. Every new client leaves with the same old response of feeling more relaxed while also more energized, and ready to face the world. This reaction is so common that is simply seems magical. Whether you are looking to connect with other therapists through market-outreach or enjoy her excellent services, you’ll be happy to have worked with Kemi!