The power of Aromatherapy in Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

Health is wealth, as it is commonly said. The body’s best fit remains a hale and healthy state. If only we would never get sick!

A mere headache could make the most beautiful smile vanish. Likewise, having a stomach upset could leave one as restless as a stray dog.

The thought of cancer - a deadly, rapid body deteriorating, and sickening health state is even a bigger one to chew.

In its simplest definition, cancer means a collection of related diseases that have to do with uncontrollable body cell growth in the body leading to the formation of tumors and malignity in the body cells’ irregular growth.

Breast cancer, from statistics, is one of the common types of cancer that could develop in human, prominently in females. It refers to the growth of deadly tumors from the breast cells in a malignant manner. It results in irregularity in the breast shape and softness of the mammary gland.

Development of breast cancer is never anyone’s fault and it would be unproductive to beat yourself over it. In truth, a cancer diagnosis elicits emotional breakdown to the patient and also to their loved ones for it remains one of the hardest diseases to treat.

Chemotherapy remains the most common and highly sought treatment to cure or at least suppress the debilitating effects of breast cancer. It is a proven and effective treatment that helps the patient reduce the deteriorating effects from breast cancer.

As it is widely said, nothing comes without a price. But more worrying is the fact that the side effects of chemotherapy are rather a very demanding price that needs urgent attention and corresponding actions.

Common amongst the side effects of employing chemotherapy as a means of suppressing the effects of cancer are; skin damage, Nausea and vomiting, Neuritis, weakness and fatigue, increase in weight and mouth soreness.

Originally, maintaining a positive mind and a good mental health is the first tool in the healing process. But more than staying emotionally healthy, physical healing methods need be sought so to annihilate the worrisome side effects that accompany the use of chemotherapy or the radiation treatment for breast cancer.

As much as there are many approaches to this, Aromatherapy – a traditionally inclined curing technique is a promising and effective healing method you need to explore.

Aromatherapy is simply a process of harnessing the rich and curing effects of essential oils as a means of improving health and wellness. Essential oils are products from the stems, bark, seeds, root, and other parts of the plants. They are established and used throughout history for medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

More than important is its power to help cure mostly all the prominent side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Through researches and scientific studies, many essential oils have been established as curing aids to the side effects of cancer treatments. Amongst the relevant essential oils are the healing power of oils like peppermint, Spike lavender, Rose Otto, frankincense, clary sage, Rosemary, ginger, black pepper, etc.

Aromatherapy can help you elevate your body from weaknesses and fatigue. It is also a controlled process that can help you restore skin damages and as well put you to bed more soothingly and easily in opposition to the restlessness that the aftermath of a chemotherapy session births.

Researchers have done well to make appropriate measures to make available corresponding and befitting essential oils for different side effects of cancer radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

In a 2006 research by a work of the Massage Today Publication on essentials oils and the corresponding curative effects, the following was extracted as a guide to applying aromatherapy for arising symptoms.

Some of these recommendations include; the use of sweet marjoram, lavender, spike lavender, clary sage, lemongrass etc. as cure for pain relief. Not only that, the use of jasmine, marjoram, Roman chamomile, neroli etc. for aiding a peaceful sleep.

Also, using marjoram, Roman chamomile, peppermint can help to relieve headaches while the use of Spike lavender with peppermint and helichrysum to creates an anti-inflammatory synergy. And, use of rosemary, ginger, or black pepper for increased circulation.

Also, a study in Anesthesia & Analgesia found that people who received aromatherapy through using essential oils like Peppermint and Spearmint after surgery used less medication for nausea. Many testimonies regarding the anti-inflammatory as well as skin cancer curative effects of Frankincense has also been recorded. Likewise, melaleuca, bergamot, and thyme have been effective in taking care of mouth sores and its derivatives.

Indeed, Aromatherapy through the use of rich essential oils has many curative solutions to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment and demands that people stop being cynical and recognize that over time, essential oils have addressed many ailments for thousands of years.

So, I implore the survivors to try as much as possible to gear more towards traditional and embrace the rich curing aids it offers. Start paying more attention to what the environment gives you and always try to harness its opportunities.

To commemorate this big day, I would like to inspire us with few lines of poetry, to charge us that so far we don’t stop trying, we can only get better. Better than now and much better than yesterdays.

A survivor is a warrior

fierce in the face of adversity and stress.

A survivor represents hope

carrying dreams of multitudes in his rickety cage.

A survivor is a conqueror

taking over territories beyond their age limitation with ease.

A survivor is a winner

‘cos he is no one to ever relent.

Oh ye brother! Oh ye Sister!

Take time to reseat this phase

Take a new oath to charge forward

Hold tight your emotions

and begin healing in multitude ways.