Increasing Productivity With Aromatherapy

The stress of living in a busy city can be overwhelming. Traffic, hustle, bustle and super long commutes are a part of most people's daily horrors. It is not unusual to get to work tired after hours in traffic. Although, aromatherapy is widely used for stress relief, it's an awesome, easy and effective way of boosting moods and energy levels. Need to destress on the go? Try out any of the essential oils below:

Lemon Grass Oil not only calms and clears the mind but is also an energizer. This essential oil is also popular for decreasing anxiety levels. You can try out lemon grass oil in a vaporiser, rub a drop or two on your forehead or neck, or add it to your hot bath water.

Got headache or on the brink of depression?

Lavender oil helps combat both. This delicate, sweet smelling scent relieves stress and tension. Rub a drop or two on your temple or forehead to relax. Spraying a little lavender on your pillow will help you sleep better at night and wake up invigorated.

We bet you didn't know Rosemary Oil helps aid memory and enhance concentration. This essential oil is also popular for reducing cortisol levels in the bloodstream. Rosemary oil also helps ease out exhaustion and headaches.

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