Here is a Method that is helping Millennials self-gift with zero guilt.

I gift me without guilt tripping!!

 Yup! It’s official. Self-gifting is a trend! Thank you 2019! Thank you millennials! 

For those of you who need a reason to be good to yourself, now you can self-gift without being ‘considered’ selfish lol.

 People across all age groups have been known to self-gift, but the current trend shows that millennials are actually spending more than the average on self-gifting and there is a method to it.

 Let me quickly bring you up to speed, no need to feel left out!!

Everyone loves to be gifted, it sure makes you feel special and loved, but just imagine, you receive a wrapped box and your excitement is through the roof in expectation, until you open it and it wanes a little. Yes, you are a grateful; it was thoughtful but just not want you wanted. Yeah, you know the feeling, it can be such a damper, and soon enough you have a boxes filled with gifts you don’t want or like. Well, no more, you can now takes steps to fortify your self and ensure you are enjoying all the pleasures of gifting.  

1.       Create a “Gift-List” or “Wish-List”;   Tell everyone what you would like. If possible, share a ‘wishlist’. To be honest, it may look like you’re fishing for a gift, which is fine, you’re making it easier for everyone. Now after performing this great service, they still choose to gift you the extra towel from the set of towels they got at their last surprise party! Yeah, they did! You have no choice but to rely on the only person who’s got your back, You. Self-Gift of your wish list! Yeeees!

2.         Nobody knows you like you! You know we’re right! Even that close pal of yours might get that Denim jacket in blue and not red. The Devil’s in the detail and so is your gift. If you don’t want to end up with that cool new device in hot pink, do your best and self-gift. Totally cool.

3.         So you are like one of those special people that want to enjoy an experiential gift that you don’t want to put on a wish list, we won’t judge. Go on and sin no more. 

4.         Do you need a reason to celebrate the most awesome person in the world? You don’t need a calendar date, stage in your life or moment in time. No announcements necessary…Go.Get.Yourself.A.Gift. Period.#treatyourself

5.         We firmly believe that gifting yourself actually makes it easier to gift others. So it’s a win-win for everyone. Self-Gifting equals Gifts for all. How awesome is that?

6.         Worried about the raised brows from colleagues, friends and family? Get your gift along with a card. Fill in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ sections. Eureka! Problem solved. No, it’s not deceit, you’re just not having that conversation. Not today.

 Finally, you might not even have a list of favorite things. So that’s our top recommendation, go ahead and make a list. It’s a gift all on its own. Ps: If you buy stuff not on this list, that counts too (wink)

 Go on, self-gift yourself and spread the joy of gifting.

 P.S: If you want to explore just how many ways you can say “I Love Myself” take a few minutes to complete this survey.