How would you like to travel first class for cheap.

Air travel can be terrifying for some; especially if you suffer from claustrophobia and anxiety this is can be exacerbated when you fly economy class. 

Yeah, if only you had that First Class ticket…the airbus A380 is the carrier of choice. This machine is an impressive double deck- wide-body four-engine jet with 50% more floor space and 60% more headspace than the Boeing 747…sigh, but I digress.

 How can I help you make the best of an economy flight trip?  Drum roll…check out my 5 economy travel hacks below:

Travel light: This is so important and let Marie Kondo be your guide as you pack. Avoid the anxiety and excess weight. Let is spark joy.


Disengage and smile: Avoid the negative energy that comes from unnecessary conversation with other passengers. Passengers fall into two brackets; those who love to fly & want to yak about it and those who hate to fly & what to complain about it. Be polite, respond but do not engage.

 Say no to heavy meals: Avoid them no matter how tempted you are. Eat light, sleep easy.

Stay Calm… meditate: Do not avoid this. The CALM APP is now part of inflight entertainment! Imagine my delight when I found this out! It’s available with British Airways and American Airline. Simply choose the length of meditating you want and embrace calm.

 Schedule your sleep: Avoid sleeping at the end of your flight. Depending on the length of your flight, try sleeping in either the first or the middle 2 hours. Make use of your sleeping aids, they are provided for a reason. The inflight eye mask is great for cutting out the light and with the SLEEP aromatherapy blend roll on. Hello cloud nine.

Now, what could happen in the event you fail to keep calm during a flight?

True story; A passenger during a 7-hour flight, was so worked up, she picked a fight with a flight attendant. This escalated into an outburst of profanity at another flight attendant, and all attempts to calm her fell on deaf ears. Upon landing at her final destination, she was picked up by security for verbal abuse, visa revoked, entry refused (she was flying the national carrier) and was sent back to her country of origin. 


You may not have that first class ticket, but with a plan to stay calm in flight and fall asleep in 8-mins with the aid of a sleep roll (additional cost of NGN 3,200+ International flight ticket price $800), the cost of not losing your mind, or worse case, getting deported with your visa revoked, is PRICELESS.