Love is a Lifestyle

When love is nurtured it blooms, love is the secret to radiant faces and youthful disposition. It is so important to find love that we should try to hack that process.

I have been in love for over twenty- five years and the things that waxes my love are both the big and little ones. My love blooms because i cultivate it with my own love language, i devote the time, energy and service to nurturing myself and my relationships. I now have a beautiful thing that is respected and revered plus my skin is radiant and i still laugh like a child.

So why has your love stopped growing, why are you wilting and where is your laughter. Why are you struggling to find time to nurture your love and relationships, to be happier and fall in love again and again.

There is no ‘one solution’ for every person and every relationship, because no two persons are the same, but every relationship needs to put in the time and the work and keep trying until they find what it perfect.

According to Gary Chapman author of “the 5 love Languages’ knowing your love language can work wonders in understanding how we express and receive love. My plan is to guide you through this process of discovering and exploring your love language through AIDA our Love Subscription Box.

AiDA is our love subscription box that will be curated using the 5 Love languages to help you express you love for yourself and in your relationships. Each box will be curated to express love in each language or a combination of all the languages, receiving a gift, act of service, words of affirmation, quality time and physical touch.

Aida will subscription based and you can choose, to receive, monthly, or quarterly based on your personal preference and how much you want to be loved. You will make regular contributions towards your box and receive it at your doorstep or delivered to your loved one on schedule.

Just think of the delight of expressing love with the language that your partner understands, this is the stuff that legends are made off. It is time to nurture that love with the right mix to make it bloom.