5 ways your work commute is killing your mojo and how to get it back

This is how you get your mojo back, a well though out and deliberate strategy to ensure that your day starts and ends on the right note. 

So how long does your work commute take?

If it takes you longer than an hour to get to work, which means your spend two hours daily commuting to and from work then please accept our sympathies and continue reading because you need to get your mojo back asap.

We all know how important work it, it is what pays the bills and we spend a good chuck of our lives on the rat race, hustling and looking for that big break. What you do and how you do it makes all the difference and is so important in maintaining a healthy mental and physical sate of the mind and body. 

For many people the commute to work is how the day starts and end, unless of course you don’t skip breakfast and have a morning exercise routine. Let’s face it how many people really get up have breakfast and exercise before heading out to work, even though there are very strong arguments that your should in fact include these two things into your morning routine. 

So if you are in the many number of people that can’t manage to get out of bed early enough and therefore the commute to work is the first real activity to start your day then we need to make sure that it is full of joy and happiness and we are here for that. 

Lets break it down so you can start to spot all the kill joy traps in your work commute.

1. Turn off the radio and listen to your favorite music or audiobook; once you get into the car you automatically turn on the radio this can be such a kill joy and will most likely leave you a little irritated before your journey ends. It is not your fault, that the mix of on-air personalities, bad news, sponsored adverts, and signal hitches is just a disaster waiting to happen. More reliable is a CD of your own choosing to give you more calm or get your brain charging as your start your day. If you are lucky enough to commute in your personal car,  take charge of what to hear or listen to especially as you start your day. If you find yourself in a more public commute you can also use earphones and your mobile devices to listen to audio of your own chossing.

2. Arouse your senses; so you have to use public transport and stand the risk of seriously bad sanitary issues from your fellow passengers. You are not a public health worker and you will not be getting into any conversations with total strangers about personal hygiene. What you will be doing however is preserving your peace of mind, because in your handbag are cotton balls doused with the calming and relaxing smell of lavender and bergamot. So as the world around you tries to collapse into a filthy mess, you dip your hands in your bag to collect your aroma infused cotton ball inflate it for 1-2 minutes and immediately transport your self to an exotic location until you arrive at work.

3. Practice wearing a crown;  in a public bus, driving in traffic or sitting at the back of the car practice wearing a crown to not only will it help you de-stress, it will also promote good posture. So shoulders straight, chest out, stomach in and neck straight, deep breath in and out, repeat.

4. Avoid street food; this applies to both your morning and evening commute, it might be tempting to buy that gala or biscuit but unhealthy snacking will not only affect your waistline, you will soon be experiencing a sugar low as you walk into the office or arrive at home. So instead of leaving your co-workers and partners guessing what type of night or day you just had, try keeping a healthy snack pack  around during your commute the steady flow of sugar will keep the hunger pangs and foul mood at bay.

5. Pick up a passenger; if you drive alone in your car on a daily basis, you might be getting into a funk that can't be helped with the most motivating audio book or silent meditation. If you can safely have a passenger in the car this can be both stimulating and refreshing for you.  So see what the possibilities are and experience more with your new car buddy.

Guard your sanity jealously, and keep a light heart that radiates positivity.