The Problem With Wearing Your Body Out

Your body is much more than a shape or a fleshly looking place-holder syndrome. Your body is your eternal home, the holder and container of all your talents, skills, emotions, psyche and the things that make you who you are. Yes, what is inside is more important than the container itself. But think about it, if you broke a container holding the really important but very fragile substance, of what great importance is that substance anymore. So, it is with your body.

Your body is sacred and beautiful, you should treat like what it really is, - a temple, a vessel containing all the things you want to cherish, a repository through which you carry out and execute all your hopes and dreams. So, yes, your body is incredibly important in playing the game of life. You therefore need to pay good attention to it and not wear it out.


"But, I'm always so busy and exhausted, plus I have to earn good money you know. Earning good money comes at a cost, - high activity/productivity, which wears my body out" you say.

Yes, that's totally understandable from a 'make good money' point of view. But think about it from this perspective again. If you take a doll (we know you are not a doll, but just hear us out) that sings, talks, walks and you wind it up, so that it can perform those activities, after a while you know that it'll stop singing and walking, when it's wound up and worn out. Well, that's exactly what you are doing to your body, especially if you don't pay attention to it and groom it well, and take care of it. You are winding it up continuously without giving it a rest. You are therefore shortening the length of time for which it can perform at high tide.


Harvard Medical School points out that research has shown that life expectancies significantly decrease in subjects who average less than five or more than nine hours a night. Chronic lack of rest is associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, some cancers, dementia, cognitive and memory problems, weight gain and early death. It has also been noted time and again that stressful workplaces and overly stressful jobs did make it more likely for workers to have their lifespan shortened. This means that all of that energy is not being spread out and used judiciously and in a replenishing manner.

You don't chunk a lot of work and stress in one short spasm of time and not feel the effect at some point.


"You don't know how many things I have to handle and get done. You don't know how huge a responsibility I have. I simply can't find time to pay attention to my wellness & well being" you say.

One thing that has been shown to be true over and over is that the ability to delegate tasks and share responsibility is a fantastic sign of a good leader. You really don't have to handle everything. Ask yourself, do you really have to micromanage every aspect of your work and family? Are there really no parts that other people can take care of, so that you can reclaim your time. Remember, nobody gets a medal simply because they are perfectionist.

So, sit and think about how you can live a minimalist life in the best way achievable right now. Living a minimalist lifestyle will help you create room for what's most important to you. It helps you focus on your health and dreams, creating mental space of freedom, peace and happiness.


"Okay. Okay. You make a good point. So, where do I start from?"

You should start by looking at the things that make you intensely happy, write them down. Then look at the things that you can delegate to other people or hire someone to do for you. Then slowly start to make time for yourself, to rest better, to take care of yourself, to free up space for your imagination to soar. Then get a wellness box or Aromatherapy that'll help you be more in tune with the things that are important to you and help you be more relaxed.