Self-love Is More Than A Feel-Good, A Trendy Statement

You’ve probably been hearing self love everywhere on social media, from young and old, from women, especially. And if you are getting pissed because it’s been thrown around and it just seems like the kind of thing people say to feel good about themselves, and feel like they are doing something worthwhile, then this post if for you.

Self love is more than a feel-good, trendy statement it’s a process of reclaiming your time, energy, imagination and everything that makes you unique.

A lot of times as women, society and culture has taught us to beat ourselves up, to bear and carry the burden of our families, generations without breathing space, the world has put us in a choked up space where we are only defined by what other people call us, not the original intuition that hums in our minds.

Self love is therefore essential for leaving that messed up choked space of misplaced identity, relax in our mental space and choose for ourselves what our identity should be.

This process of choosing your own identity, not being afraid of your work, mind, body and capabilities beyond societal labels, building up a positive and light-filled mental space is called Self love. So now you know it’s more than just a trendy statement.


Do you do the following:

  • Beat yourself up with cruel self-talk and thoughts of inadequacy. Or tell yourself you are not enough (not beautiful, intelligent, gracious etc enough)

  • Set yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations about your body, mind and for people around you.

  • Deprive yourself of things you deserve through self-sabotaging behaviors or stay with people or environments that belittle and negate you.

  • Abuse your body through neglect or harmful choices.

  • Engage in behaviors that wreak havoc on your mental and physical health, your relationships, and your career.

Then you are not treating yourself well and you are not in touch with your well being.

So, how do you get started on your Self love journey?

First, take some time out to detox and probably get a massage. Then write out one area of your life you want to make a change. Just one area to work for the next two to three months, so that you don’t pile on too much or give yourself unrealistic expectation.

Then begin to set boundaries for yourself that ensure your peace of mind and joy. Maybe it’s leaving an environment or cutting off a couple of people/things that are harmful to you.

Next take some time out to feed yourself with good things daily through healthy activities, like sound nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy and healthy social interactions.

Start with these three and you are on your way to a healthy, love-filled life.