Every Single Bite You Take

Every Single Bite You Take

If I asked you about every thing you have put in your mouth this week, how accurate would your answer be. Be honest. We are all guilty of distracted eating, particularly when we are confronted with food at every turn, like it is at Lagos parties we are especially prone to “distracted eating” we are watching the crowd and putting food in our mouth, we say things like the party is not over until after the small chops. We wind up consuming more than we intended and then we feel bad about it. Guilt that will lead to panic- If i don’t control my eating, i’ll never stop, anxiety that will in turn make it impossible to figure out what we really want to eat or even weather we are truly hungry.

5 ways your work commute is killing your mojo and how to get it back

5 ways your work commute is killing your mojo and how to get it back

You go to work Monday thru Friday and spend an hour in the morning in commute and over two hours in the evening because Lagos traffic. You know your employer is not about the to approve the “work form home life” and you need to get your mojo back for the good life.

Five ways to spot the kill joys in your daily commute and help you get your mojo back. 



Aromatherapy is a traditionally inclined curing technique that has proven to be an effective healing method and soothing for body-mood elevation as well as improving health and wellness. It involves harnessing the rich and curing effects of essential oils as a means of improving health and wellness.

The power of Aromatherapy in Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

The power of Aromatherapy in Coping with a Cancer Diagnosis

Chemotherapy remains the most common and highly sought treatment to cure or at least suppress the debilitating effects of breast cancer. It is a proven and effective treatment that helps the patient reduce the deteriorating effects from breast cancer.

As it is widely said, nothing comes without a price. But more worrying is the fact that the side effects of chemotherapy are rather a very demanding price that needs urgent attention and corresponding actions.

Common amongst the side effects of employing chemotherapy as a means of suppressing the effects of cancer are; skin damage, Nausea and vomiting, Neuritis, weakness and fatigue, increase in weight and mouth soreness.

Increasing Productivity With Aromatherapy

Increasing Productivity With Aromatherapy

The stress of living in a busy city can be overwhelming. Traffic, hustle, bustle and super long commutes are a part of most people's daily horrors. It is not unusual to get to work tired after hours in traffic. Although, aromatherapy is widely used for stress relief, it's an awesome, easy and effective way of boosting moods and energy levels. Need to destress on the go?

Do you need a Miracle?

Yes a Miracle,

Do you need one, or more than one and you need then daily, right i have a six-steps tried and trusted way to experience everyday miracles. I encourage you to try it, especially because we all need miracles.

Here is 6 steps to a Daily Miracle

1. Silence

When you meditate the silence gives you a chance to notice your breath. Meditation is not to control your thoughts but to stop letting your thoughts control you. .Your breath, thats a miracle right there, don't hold back. 

“Listen to silence it has much to say” Rumi

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including YOU - Anne Lamott.

2. Affirmation

If you can maintain silence for 10 mins, that is one small miracle, next step is to affirmation. My personal favorite is "Everything i need is already within me -Louise Hay

Believe in your unique creation, your creator and yourself.

3. Visualization

Will know a miracle when you see one. let you mind visualize what your body can perceive. Lush green gardens, flowers that bloom with the sun’s rising, butterflies in yellow and pink, singing birds and the sound of rain droplets.   “Our bodies are our gardens to which our will are gardeners” - William Shakespeare.  Nurture your mind and body, be a miracle.


Move your body, the body mechanisms itself is a miracle. exercise you body and your mind. Dance, find your rhythm, hold a yoga pose move often move daily. "Being extremely honest with oneself is a good exercise" - Sigmund Freud


If you are still reading (MIRACLE). Read, read, read. Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony -Mahatma Gandi

6. Scribing

If the only time your write anything is when you are filling a bank teller or cheque, then you are like everyone else living in 2017. So be a miracle, keep a journal and write, marvel at your own scribble, write it all the good, the bad and the ugly. You personal affirmation mantra will be on the pages of your journal.